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Announcing Our Newest Collaboration

Collier Diamond C Ranch in conjunction with TJS Red Angus of Lodge Grass, MT
will be offering semen on COLLIER FINAL SHOT R896.

Final Shot is a Diamond C favorite son and go to sire, and soon his genetics can be
added to your herd. A half brother to Collier Finished Product R503, whose semen
sells through ABS, Final Shot was also bred and raised by Diamond C. Both bulls
share the genetics of our established Legacy Sire, Collier Final Product B389.

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For More Information on Semen Sales Contact:

John B. Collier IV
Phone: 817-832-5838

Facebook Friend Request: John B. Collier IV

TJS Red Angus

Home Phone: 406-639-9112

Tim’s Cell: 406-679-9113

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